25 billion litres of plastic bottled water is consumed in Indonesia each year.
It takes 3-4 litres of water to produce one 600 ml of bottled water.
600 grams of CO2 produced for 12 grams of PET (1 Bottle)
It takes a quarter of a liter of oil to produce a single one-liter water bottle.

Karangasem Puskesmas Study for Carocell Water System:
Karangasem Puskesmas uses 1650 litres of drinking water per month in plastic bottles.
They currently purchase 2,750 bottles per month at a cost of over IDR10,000,000 per month.
33,000 plastic bottles are manufactured for and disposed of annually at Karangasem Puskesmas
100,000 litres of water used to produce bottled water for Karangasem Puskesmas.
A$1,000.00 in oil for the plastic bottles at Karangasem Puskesmas.

Plastic Bottle Reduction per year
? Using the Karangasem Pilot Study
Liters of Clean Drinking water per year
Students in 2024 with clean drinking water
Gives schools and communities an essential resource